Click-params: a little companion to your click project

An image showing a terminal loading a software
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Example usage of click-params type
$ cream -f passion,mint,strawberry
- passion
- mint
- strawberry
$ cream
Flavors: passion,mint
- passion
- mint
Example of click-params type instantiated with a space
$ ip -d "" -> ->
$ ip
Domains: google
Error: These items are not domain names: ['google']
Domains: -> ->
  • Here we instantiate the parameter with a single space as argument which means that the values must be separated by a space.
  • If you look at the second usage, I deliberately added a wrong domain to show that the validation takes place.
Testing example with click-params utility functions



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Kevin Tewouda

Kevin Tewouda


Déserteur camerounais résidant désormais en France. Passionné de programmation, sport, de cinéma et mangas. J’écris en français et en anglais dû à mes origines.